Support and advice to our partner can only work through a collaborative effort of our graphic designers and the style studio of the client. The preparation and design of fashion accessories is a strategic tool used by our graphic team to make the most out of a Brand.
The ability to design fashion accessories that capture and enhance the essence, style and mood of the fashion collections requested by our partner depends on our designers’ ability to transmit your message to the accessory being created. Without a message there can be no story or idea.
Our graphic designer’s proposals take visible shape when the draft, or prototype, of the fashion accessory is submitted for client approval. In the world of fashion, project image and its design are now a must- and this goes for the graphic side of things too.
The key element to take into consideration when creating a fashion accessory is that design must marry the style, character, and identity of the artefact it will accompany. To summarise, the devising, planning, creating and realising processes leads to fashion accessories that enhance item visibility and also add value to the garment they are added to.

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