29 Oct The Marketing of the Made in Italy: the importance of its valorization.

n the age of the spending review, many economists have supported how much turns out to be fundamental the valorization of the Made in Italy and it’s  aim to increase the commerce of the country. The Essedue company was born with a very precise objective: to exalt the Made in Italy. The craftsmanship and the love for our product are two of the main characteristics of the plan. Workings derived from the many years of experience of our craftsmen,for producing that it is comfortable, but  respecting  the atmosphere, the job, and our country. The hands of our craftsmen could tell history of passion and experiences. We have intentions  to revalue the little artisans,, thecraftsman who have  passion for there  job. This is because we want to revalue the job of the Made in Italy. The Made in Italy has covered a long road in order to succeed in it’s  importance today….

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