Essedue offers its customers technical advice on the choice of materials suitable for producing badges in cloth for any particular requirement, offering a wide range of media sizes and types of printing techniques.

Original and unique fabric tags

ESSEDUE fabric tags manage to make the item of clothing they are joined to truly stand out: the option to use fabrics of different features and compositions enables the production of tags. Using techniques ranging from Lithos printing, screen printing or plumping rubber-coating, and thermoplastic printing ink.
This ink displays several innovative features, such as the ability to print very fine details without closing the screen, or the option to print very large areas in an opaque finish.
However, it is important to remember that this is still a textile ink with polymerisation temperatures in the region of 150 degrees, so it is important to carefully choose which supporting materials will be used with this type of ink.
The choice of printing technique or customisation of the garment tag depends, as always, on the product that the client wants to obtain and primarily on the style ‘feel’ that our partner requires.
Another option is given by the decoration of tags with fabric appliqués and embroideries that further embellish the end product.

Ecological and recycled fabrics

Sensitive to environmental issues, Essedue is able to offer a wide range of materials in environmentally friendly fabric, thereby meeting the needs that the market demands in terms of recycling.
Essedue uses ever evolving fashion fabrics, they create and manufacture fabric tags with innovative materials in both their surface effects and finishes.
When it comes to fabrics, Essedue always manages to update the look of their tags, reinventing ‘classic’ styles with distinctive combinations.
Sometimes all one needs is a creative detail, such as a fabric tag, in order to reinforce the idea, on the part of the consumer, that they are purchasing an original and trendy item of clothing.
Garment Swing Tags

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