• Peacock printed label, on cotton fabric, flat printing, 85x45mm
  • Peacock printed label, on cotton fabric, flat printing, 95x85mm
  • Dondup denim printed label, serigraphy, 63x40mm
  • Labrador printed label, on polyester fabric, off-set printing, 30x75mm
  • Enjoy your brain printed label, on cotton fabric, serigraphy, 25x60mm
  • Nana printed label, on cotton fabric, serigraphy, 50x15mm

Garment printed labels on satin, cotton, gros grain, canvas

ESSEDUEMODA produces printed garment labels with non-fraying fabrics; if the client requires it we can use special wash-resistant ink.
The printed label can be realised on a roll or flat.
A flat label is one where the support material is a sheet: in this case labels can be printed with Lithos, flat serigraphy or plumping rubber-coating. The process includes the novel use of thermoplastic ink that has the ability, among other things, to print very minute details without closing the screen, or the option to print very large areas in a heavy coat finish.
We mustn’t forget, however, that we are dealing with a textile ink with polymer temperature nearing 150 C, so it is very important to choose the correct support material to use with this kind of ink.
A roll print is the one where support materials are available as spools of different sizes, and these vary according to the material. This can be satin, cotton, canvas etc.
In this case printing can be done through flexography, off-set and serigraphy.
Both flexography and off-set can produce printed labels with max. 3 colours on the front and one colour on the reverse side.
When using serigraphic printing on a roll, only one front colour is recommended.
In order to produce good resolution roll printed labels, Esseduemoda suggests the use of flexographic and off-set printing on light-coloured supports, or serigraphy on all kinds of backgrounds, especially if the requirement is printed labels with a striking visual impact.

Looking for customised printed labels?

Esseduemoda puts a service of technical consultation to choose the right material at the disposal of their clients in order to realise printed labels suited to every requirement, offering a vast range of support materials, formats and types of printing techniques.
Garment Labels

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