Essedue labels are the end product of a balanced mix of material search, working techniques and design

Our embossed labels, reflective labels, and lenticular print labels, although different from each other as garment accessories, are all the end product of ongoing trend advancement in the world of fashion.

Embossed labels and reflective labels

Essedue produces embossed labels on support materials ranging from microfiber to reflective materials, often requested by our partners to create sport patches that are both current and cutting edge.
The popularity of the relief technique is the result of a need to create a swelling effect on garment labels.
Techniques for the realisation of this effect are plastic relief, microinjection, high frequency, embossing and screen printing sublimation.

Lenticular print labels

The latest technology in order of importance offered by Essedue to its partners is the new generation of high-definition lenticular printing which allows a 3D effect without the need for traditional 3D lenses.
Essedue lenticular print labels enable total innovation of any item and product by producing unique labels and accessories.
Thanks to this specific technological innovation Essedue creates labels with sophisticated and complex finishes.
Two-flip or multiframe effects create a predetermined movement effect from one image to another, or as progressive image sequences.
Morphing allows progressive transition from one image to the next.
Zoom progressively enlarges one detail in an image.
The moving effect can be realised thanks to miniature lenticular spots printed on a short series of images, but it can also range to the projection of short films- even on a small format lens support.
Thanks to lenticular print labels, the latest in fashion accessory technology innovation, Essedue offers their partners the option to make use of a high tech service at moderate prices, so that the partner can maximise their brand through the exciting impact of lenticular print labels.
Innovation, development and the search for novel materials are at the core of ESSEDUE’s mission.

Garment Labels

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