The embroidered label is different from the stitched label in that the former is produced using hand embroidery techniques by means of thread and needle to apply the label on to a fabric and beautify a garment.
This ancient technique remained unchanged through the centuries; today, however, we use machines and techniques suitable for every garment and fabric, making production more efficient.
Compared to hand embroidery, embroidery machines are even more eclectic and flexible with regards to stitching, because stitches can be applied in a great variety of designs and applications.
This is why now we are able to produce embroidered labels assisted by more than one technique: e.g. we can produce printed labels with added embroidered details/items.

Embroidered and Stitched Labels: two different products for two different purposes

We need to distinguish between embroidered and woven labels; they can complement each other but they have different costs and purposes. The peculiarity of the embroidered label is that it is more resilient and durable than the woven variety, thereby ensuring long durability in time.
Esseduemoda produces embroidered labels for clients wishing to customise their garments or make their garments stand out.
Unlike woven labels, embroidered labels are often used as ‘patches’, embroidering words or images, customising labels of all shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours.
A further option is afforded by the possibility of decorating the embroidered label using traditional yarns and special yarns and appliques.
If the client seeks support, Esseduemoda realises embroidery and appliques of any kind, producing embroidered labels 100% customised to match the client’s needs.

Esseduemoda embroidered label stems from the need to update a traditional technique using modern technology.

Support materials have changed substantially, and this is applicable to fabric and paper- this is why we can now produce truly unique embroidered accessories and labels.
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