Made in Italy

What sets Essedue apart from other “fashion accessory” companies out there?

An important element our company is keen to highlight in its projects and design is the ethos and the protection of Made in Italy.

Made in Italy is a term that evokes the idea of excellent Italian manufacture the world over. A product qualifies as Made in Italy when its creation, research, and production take place entirely on Italian soil.

The reason behind the success of this formula is that the initial ethos has evolved into an actual brand, synonymous with quality, passion, and personality: three elements that embody the excellent craftsmanship typical of the Italian manufacturing industry.

Our main strength is this: our ability to combine craftsmanship and innovation when creating products in the best Made in Italy tradition.

Our collections of tags, woven labels, leather labels, patches, and packaging distinguish themselves for the care with which we handle and deliver every little detail; this means that our items are true fashion icons that make a difference.

Why invest in Made in Italy?

Essedue chose the Made in Italy ethos not only as symbol, but also in order to be able to control their projects by following all stages closely, from design to production.

This way we are always on top of production times and costs, and ensure maximum quality control.

This sets us apart in a continually evolving market where timing, quality and service are the three pillars of the partnership between supplier and client.

The mission behind our work is to project to the consumer the care and scrupulous attention to detail we take in the creation of our products.

“Design, Sustainability and Made in Italy” is our mantra!

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