Environment, Research, Work

ESSEDUE should not be only thought of as a manufacturer of tags, woven labels, leather labels, patches, and packaging. Our mission includes activities aimed at enhancing the Brand.

Eco-friendly materials and manufacturing techniques

The main feature of our fashion accessories collection is the choice of materials and production processes that respect the environment. We follow a programme of eco- compatible philosophy, that gives preference to recycled paper, sustainable and organic leather, natural inks and yarns.

Essedue offers clients technical advice on the choice of suitable materials for the production of goods for each particular need, offering a wide range of media types and printing, weaving, and processing techniques that respect the environment.

A company driven by constant innovation

Our research and development department is constantly engaged in the search for original materials that enable the creation of accessories that not only represent the character and style, but also, and most importantly, the identity of the article they accompany.

The prediction and study of the latest trends in a constant search for new ideas, materials, and techniques constitutes the strength of our technical department; therefore each season we can offer a collection targeted to every client need, embellished with refined details.

Tailor-made fashion accessories that our partners require of us have lead us to create fashion accessories using materials that are often revolutionary in their features, aesthetics, innovative surface effects, and finishes. We produce fresh looks by experimenting continually with unusual associations.

We work with passion

Experience, love for what we do and our care of the product are our best credentials.

Our team works with passion, dedication and commitment at all phases; from creation to production of products that are expertly and skilfully realised using high quality materials. This devotion to quality is ideal for those who want to associate their brand with their product in a way that is simple, imaginative and unobtrusive.

What sets our company apart from the rest is our ability to be highly organised and creative in our work at the same time.

This way a design not only communicates an aesthetic message, but it speaks to a responsible attitude.

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