The tag as communication tool

Today the analysis of garment tags is no longer the domain of the productive phase but rather a strategic communication tool used by designers to strengthen their brand.
The constant research of current trends and new ideas, materials and techniques are the core concerns of our designers, which is why, in every season, Essedue offers a book of garment tags perfectly suited to every kind of style, content, and detail.
The materials used at Essedue take shape in the minds of our designers, then they are realised as tags by our expert craftspeople; minute details give the labels additional visibility and add value to the garment onto which they are applied.
This is why we are always on the lookout for special papers, leather types and innovative materials that meet the needs of our partners.
Essedue creates and produces clothing for labels that represent the character, style and identity of the item of clothing they accompany, managing to combine craftsmanship and innovation.
We create simple tags, booklet tags, lithography envelope tags, screen printing, hot embossing etc.
For a more practical application to the garment, the tags can be finished with a cord, safety pin, chain etc.

Printing techniques for garment labels

Among the various techniques of last generation printing for its garment tags, Essedue use swelling printing, screen printing sublimation (also known as Braille), the flock printing method, and thermoplastics ink printing.
Thanks to the evolution of these printing techniques Essedue has developed a wide and innovative number of effects, allowing the client to create garments with highly original visual and tactile effects.
The choice of printing technique or customisation of the garment tag depends, as always, on the product that the client wants to obtain, primarily on the ‘feel’ of the style that our partner requires.
Essedue produces fashion labels for those who want to customise their own garments, or those who want to make their creations stand out.

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