Esseduemoda’s work consists in the design, implementation and production of exclusive tailor-made garment labels.

Esseduemoda garment labels are made of a vast range of support materials such as: fabric, leather, latex, PVC, texton, metal, organza ribbons, satin, cotton, gros grain, polyester etc. Our fashion labels enable us to best match the client’s requirements thanks to our know-how and avant-garde technologies and tools.
Today, more so than in the past, garment labels thrive alongside fashion trends, constantly searching for fashion fabrics in order to create special-finish garment labels that ‘catch the eye’.

ESSEDUEMODA labels are the result of unusual associations of colour, textures that redefine style and innovate the garment.

In talking about garment labels we encounter terms such as patch, fabric label, embroidered label, belt patches produced in soft, resilient material such as leather, leatherette, cavallino (calf-hair), hide, texton or microfiber according to the specific kind of garment.
Garment labels are an extremely important item, in that they are the means of making your own garment stand out; also, they can display useful and important information such as the fabric content, the size, the origins of the garment and any washing directions. This is why ESSEDUEMODA aims to fully support the client both through their graphics studio and their consulting services in the design and the production of new labels.
The purpose it to help the client in the choice of the right product by suggesting the most suitable material, printing technique or weaving technique to their needs, creating the best tailor-made garment label that sets apart the client in their style and ‘look’.

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