Besides tags, labels, and zipper pullers, Essedue specialises in the production of packaging material such as boxes, carrier bags, cases, shopping bags, die-cut and self-assembling cases in undulated cardboard, and other materials.

What kind of Packaging?

Italian uses the English term “Packaging” to indicate a broad range of items related to packaging materials. Packaging is a wide term that includes all kinds of materials used to protect and display items.
In marketing lingo “Packaging Design” is the creation of a type of item packaging that makes it more attractive, or that simplifies its haulage/ transportation and its use.
This aspect is a secondary issue in our company’s core business.

We create and produce clothing packaging that reflects the character, style and essence of the associated garment, in an expert blend of craftsmanship and innovation.
The materials used by Essedue begin taking shape in the creative minds of our designers, who then transform them into packaging material through the expertise of our craftspeople.
We issue sampling in the graphic phase and in the production phase of the packaging material production, and also test the resilience of the paper we use.
Versatility is our key tool in satisfying our clients’ requests, without ever losing sight of the quality of our productions.
The company avail themselves of a paper cutting department, that allows production of any type of packaging by using a vast range of suitable materials for the making of boxes, shoppers, window displays, window dressing and totems.
Among the products and packaging designed directly from our office chart, we also have tailor-made cut products in the category of cardboard boxes, that can also make use of other materials in accordance with our partner’s required ‘image’.

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