ESSEDUE devises and produces fashion accessories using a variety of processes and supporting materials: from weaving to various printing techniques such as offset printing, UV, serigraphy, hot stamping, digital printing, all the way down to laser engraving.
At Essedue we can satisfy any kind of requirement related to fashion accessory customisation thanks to our constant search for trends and new ideas, and to the efficiency of our technical department.
The choice of printing or custom techniques to be used in the creation of fashion accessories, as always, depends on the end product and, above all, on the style and look that our partner requires of us.
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Over 20 years of experience of in the field of fashion accessories

For over fifteen years our business has aimed to create products and accessories that do not only describe the items of clothing they accompany, but actually enhance the brand.
This is why an accessory represented by the tag, label, and packaging, must first of all be in tune with our partner’s style studio, and then with the essence of the garment itself.

Materials of all kinds to customise your garments

We are always looking for special papers, leathers and materials that feel innovative to the three senses of sight, touch, and smell, and are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the most demanding style office.
The materials used at ESSEDUE take shape in the minds of our designers and are then turned into fashion accessories by the expert hands of our craftspeople; small details lend not only visibility but also added value to the garment on which they are attached.
The fashion accessories we design and create follow a development process and that is continually updated, combined with a rigorous internal quality control, to ensure the complete reliability of our products.
The philosophy of Made in Italy and the use of environmentally-friendly materials, combined with our know-how and our passion for every project we undertake, are a guarantee of outstanding attention to detail.
In a nutshell, a fashion accessory is the detail that makes the difference in the customisation of a garment.

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